Internship Program

In order to gain credits, students must complete their third-year coursework first. This summer internship and training programme opens the opportunity for students to gain first-hand work experience with the organization that complements their field of study. It also allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to more practical use.

         1.      Students may submit the “Internship (form 1)” (a form notifying the program of the internship decision and request for documents from the program to be sent to the intended organization) to the office only twice.

         2.      Students need to find an organization that offers internship opportunities by themselves. The documents required for the internship (a letter from the BMIR program to the organization requesting for an internship opportunity on behalf of the students and a letter of confirmation from the host organization to BMIR Program) must be obtained and submitted within the specified timeframe (from 17th October 2018 – 8th February 2019). The “Internship (form 2)” (a form informing the organization the name(s) of student who will be interning at the organization) must be completed and handed into the office by April 12th, 2019.
Attention! – After the organization makes the decision and issues the letter approving the internship, the student cannot make changes or abort the decision without valid reasons and approval from the program. If the student chooses to intern at a different organization, the student is responsible in informing the organization requested and approved of his/her decision and reasons, and the internship will not be credited nor graded.


 - Orientation Internship     May 2019

 - Submit 1st Evaluation   July 8-10,   2019  (Evaluated by Supervisor)

 - Focus group                    July 19, 2019

 - Skype / Focus group      July 15-19, 2019

 - Submit Report               August 16, 2019

Internship Online Form [Form 1 / Form 2]


BMIR’s Internship Evaluation Form [Summer/2018]
Evaluation Criteria : Total of 100 points

Part 1 : BMIR (50 points)
             1.1     Internship Supervision (Focus group / Skype call) : 5 points
             1.2     Internship report :  45 points [length: 12-15 pages not including tables, charts and pictures & font: Times New Roman 12 with single-spaced]. The report should comprise of 4 elements:
                 1.  Organization’s structure, objectives, and tasks
                 2.  Weekly journal
                 3.  Self – assessment (benefits from internship / strength / weaknesses)
                 4.  Linkage with theories and approaches

Part 2 : Internship Supervisor (50 points)
             2.1     First Evaluation : 20 points  (during the beginning of internship to July 8-10, 2019)                 
             2.2     Final Evaluation : 30 points  (during the beginning of the internship to the end of internship)  
      In case the first evaluation is below 15 points, an in-charge lecturer will discuss the student’s responsibilities and performance with the student and his/her supervisor.