International Program Portfolio

Admission Procedure for Academic Year 2022 

(Inter-Portfolio 2)

  Application Overview Process

Application Period4 - 28 JAN 2022 
Interview Candidates Announcement21 FEB 2022  Announced on 15 FEB
Interview22 - 27 FEB 2022
Successful Candidates Announcement7 MAR 2022  Announced on 8 MAR
Confirmation through the TCAS system (Clearing House)9 - 10 MAY 2022 



1. Applicants must currently be studying Mathayom 6 with a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.75

2. Applicants must have one of the following English language proficiency test results (taken within 2 years prior to the application date):

  • TOEFL: a minimum score of 500 on PBT/ 61 on iBT
  • IELTS: a minimum overall grade of 6.0
  • TU-GET: a minimum score of 500 on PBT/ 61 on CBT
  • SAT: a minimum score of 50% on  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • GSAT: a minimum score of 400 on Reading, Writing, and Language 

  Admission Criteria

1. Applicants are awarded in a social science competition, nationality or internationally; or

2. Applicants are the national representative of the international social science activities; or

3. Applicants are the representative of the school for national social science activities; or

4. Applicants are a leader of social activities in the community which must be recognized publicly.


** Interview examination will be held by the BIR committee.

** Admission decisions of the BIR Committee are final.

  Portfolio Template

Please order the documents according to this template*

Section 1: Profile / Skill / Other skill / Interest / Contact
Section 2: Education
Section 3: Statement of Purpose
Section 4: General Certificate
Section 5: Transcript
Section 6: English proficiency test score
Section 7: Activities
*The combined of 7 sections are not more than 10 pages excluding front-back cover

Click here for the example portfolio

All applicants must upload their portfolio into a single PDF file (10 pages / 20 MB) in the admission system within a specific period.


  Application Procedure

  1. Register in

  2. Pay the application fee 800 baht into the BIR Program's bank account
      ธนาคาร กสิกรไทย (กระแสรายวัน) ชื่อบัญชี “โครงการ BMIR” เลขที่บัญชี 645-1-00017-7  

  3. Fill out the application form :
    *Do not forget to certify a copy of the document*

  4. Applicants will receive an auto reply mail after the submission is completed.

  5. The BIR Program will announce the Eligible Interview Candidates within 21 FEB 2022 on this website.
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