1st Round Admission: Portfolio


1. Admission qualifications listed in the item 14 of the Thammasat University’s Bachelor Degree Regulations (2018) :
          1.1 Applicants shall not have any students’ status or currently be enrolled at any other higher education institutions in Thailand except open university.
          1.2 Applicants shall not be diagnosed with communicable infectious disease, socially disgusted diseases or diseases which will impede the learning performance.
         1.3 Applicants shall not have convicted of any offence a crime or have not been charged with any offence.

2. Applicants must currently be studying Mathayom 6 with the cumulative GPA
of not less than 3.75

3. One of the following English language proficiency test results:
         - TOEFL: a minimum score of 60 on iBT or
         - IELTS: a minimum overall grade of 5.5 or
         - Score from English language courses shown in the transcript with cumulative grade of not less than 3.50

Admission Criteria

1. Awarded national or international in social sciences competition. or
2. Be the national representative of the international social science activities. or
3. Be the representative of the school for national social science activities. or
4. Be a leader of social activities in the community which must be recognized publicly
5. Interview examination will be held by the BIR committee.
6. Admission decisions of the BIR Committee are final.

Required Documents

All applicants must upload the following documents into a single PDF file in the admission systems within specific period.
         1. Transcript
         2. English Language Proficiency Test
         3. Award Certificate