Welcome to Bachelor of Political Science Program in Politics and International Relations (BIR), Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, Thailand’s leading academic institution.

You are starting a journey which will be exciting and meaningful for your life. This is probably the first time for you to be fully responsible for the way you manage your time between study, social life, sports and other activities and the key to success is the right balance.

Throughout your studies, you will have a chance to learn from our knowledgeable and well-known professors as well as prominent guest lecturers from various fields and professions. In addition, our program also provides you extra-curriculum activities; such as a study trip abroad and an internship abroad, which will be valuable and beneficial experiences for you.

While the faculty’s staff will do as much as they can to support you during your study, your success will depend mainly on your effort and degree of your responsibility. If you need more information or assistance, please feel free to come visit our office and discuss with our staff. We are sure that you will find your time here the most enriching.


Portfolio & TCAS 3rd Round


Events in October 2019

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