Surin Pitsuwan Scholarship 2020

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Surin Pitsuwan Scholarship 2020

Surin Pitsuwan Scholarship 2020
“One scholarship which covers the tuition fees towards the end of the program”

 - Eligible candidates must be nationals from ASEAN countries
 - Eligible candidates must pass the BIR entrance examinations
 - Eligible candidates must be able to attend the online interview process
 - Eligible candidates must obtain high school GPA of no less than 3.5 (or equivalent) and must submit a 500-word statement of purpose

Required document for the submission
 - Application Form >> Download Click <<
 - Statement of purpose 500-word
 - Completed High School Official Transcript with minimum GPA 3.5
 - Copy of ID Card or Passport (for non-Thai citizen)
 - A proof of passing the BIR entrance examination (A screenshot of the confirmation in TCAS system is acceptable)

Application Schedule

18-29 May 2020Submit all of the required documents via email
June 2020Eligible candidates announcement
Online interview
Successful candidates announcement

** The program will contact directly via email **

Note :

- Recommended settings for SOP

  • Times New Roman 12-pt
  • Line spacing 1.5

- Email template for submission

  • Subject: Apply for Surin Pitsuwan Scholarship 2020
  • Provide your name/phone number/email in the text box
  • Attached files in PDF format

 - Please review your application carefully before submission, especially email and phone number