International Program Admission



Admission Procedure for Academic Year 2023 

(Inter-Admission 1) 

   Application Overview Process

Application Period

Online Application, details as the following section; 

Required Documents Online Submission*

Eligible Applicants for Entrance Exam AnnouncementTBA 
Entrance Examination (Applicant residing in Thailand)TBA

Time: TBA

Venue: Thammasat University (Tha Prachan Campus)

Read more: Guidelines

*Applicants shall check the eligibility and the exam room/seating no. in the registered email.

Entrance Examination (Applicant residing outside Thailand)TBA

 * Available for an applicant who is residing outside Thailand

Eligible Applicants for Interview AnnouncementTBA 
Successful Applicants AnnouncementTBA 
Confirmation through the TCAS system (Clearing House)TBA

Successful Applicants Announcement (who confirmed their studies via TCAS)TBA
* Applicants must have a valid English Proficiency Test Score at the date of applying.



   Application Procedure (TBA)

[Announcement] Complete High School Official Transcript Extension

BIR Program has reconsidered the 'Complete High School Official Transcript' submission within the application period (1-12 March 2023) since there are some applicants who cannot submit it by the deadline. The program extends the deadline to the day of Interview (22 April 2023) with the following conditions:

(1) Applicants shall submit the recent transcription of 5 semesters with the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80.

(2) Applicants are required to submit the 'Complete High School Official Transcript' by 22 April 2023 which indicates the date of graduation and GPAX (minimum of 2.80 or equivalent).

(3) If the applicants cannot meet the requirements of (1) and (2), the program has the right to decline the application.  

  1.    Register in
  2.     Apply 'Inter-Admission 1' directly with BIR Program:    
    •   Fill in the required information, and upload the document as follows
      • Certified copy of National ID Card or Passport
      • Certified copy of High School Transcript  ***
      • Certified copy of English Proficiency Test score
      • Payslip of the application fee (800 THB)
        * Both Thai and English documents are acceptable  
        ** Sample of Certified copy of Documents:    Click 
        *** Student who is studying/graduated from an International School in Thailand and outside Thailand, please apply  with a High School Equivalence Certificate AND GPAX Equivalence Certificate issued by HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EQUIVALENCY SYSTEM (operated by Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center):    Click
  3.    Pay the application fee at BIR Program's account


 About BIR   



1. Completion of one of the following high school diplomas:
  • Complete GPA minimum of 2.8 (Mathayom 4-6 / 6 Semesters) or equivalent
  • GED diploma must obtain at least 165 scores in each subject
  • GCE ‘O’ Level, GCSE, and IGCSE must obtain at least grade C in five different subjects and also with AS at least grade A-E in five subjects or GCE ‘A’ Level at least grade A-E in three subjects
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) results are required to have at least “4” in five different subjects

       Read more: High School Certificate Equivalency for Foreign High School Diploma (from International School in Thailand and outside Thailand) 

2. Applicants must have one of the following English language proficiency test results (taken within 2 years prior to the application date):
  • TOEFL: a minimum score of 500 on PBT/ 61 on IBT
  • IELTS: a minimum overall grade of 6.0
  • TU-GET: a minimum score of 500 on PBT/ 61 on CBT
  • SAT: a minimum score of 50% on  Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • GSAT: a minimum score of 400 on Reading, Writing, and Language


   Admission Criteria

1. Entrance Examination
1.1 General Knowledge in Political Science
1.2 English Essay in Political Science
2. Interview 




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